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LEATHER JOURNAL Writing Notebook - Antique Handmade Leather Bound Daily Notepad For Men & Women Unlined Paper 7 x 5 Inches, Best Gift for Art Sketchbook, Travel Diary & Notebooks to Write in


✔ BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED & UNIQUE: Soft & Supple Dark Brown Genuine Water Buffalo Leather with a real leather scent. Naturally tanned with special oil, if you scratch or fold this crazy horse leather, you create your own distressed vintage style! Rub your markings and they will fade away. Being hand-made from 100% natural leather, our journals can vary in look & shade, producing a unique item, no two are quite the same - a special keepsake for your thoughts, plans & ideas
✔ EARTH-FRIENDLY: 120 sheets/240 pages (counting both sides) of blank, off-white/cream colored paper (NON-REFILLABLE), hand-crafted with recycled cotton which is acid free & tree free - environmentally kind! NO BLEED THROUGH: Use any pen on this thick quality paper which has a natural fiber variation, weighing 125gsm
✔ PERFECT SIZE & MANY USES: 1.5 inch thickness, easy for handwriting, drawing or sketching and compact for carrying in your bag. Ideal for alternative Artist Sketchbooks, Photo Album, Traveling Notes, Business Executive, Hunting Logbook, Poetry Work, Journalists, Food Planner, Commonplace Book, Instagram Scrapbook and Bible Journaling
✔ RUSTIC CHARM: Hand cut asymmetric flap and cover with hand stitched Coptic leather binding which secures the pages firmly. The leather wrap around strap effectively keeps your journal closed and also acts as a handy bookmark. This old-fashioned character leather has an amazing smell!
✔ TRY IT TODAY with the added security of our 365 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Makes an Awesome Anniversary, Graduation, Valentine or Birthday Gift! Buying 2, 3 or 4? SAVE UP TO $8.00! See all our discounts below. ALSO AVAILABLE IN GIFT SETS and LARGE 8" X 6". Plus we donate a percentage of our profits to our favorite charity in Africa. ***PLEASE BEWARE OF CHEAP IMITATIONS FROM CHINA SOLD AS 'USED' ON THIS LISTING***


No More Searching for that Perfect Journal

A Beautiful Journal that will last

- Beautifully Soft & Durable Genuine Water Buffalo Leather (Not Faux or PU leather used)
- No glue used, hand stitched binding means the pages stay firmly in place (Paper is not refillable)
- The perfect number of pages, not too bulky, so it's easy to write in from the very first page

A Unique Journal to Treasure and Enjoy

The hand crafted nature of these journals means no two are quite the same. The soft brown leather gives a vintage look with the asymmetric flap adding a certain rustic charm. It is a truly unique and wonderful gift for a friend or to treat yourself to as a special keepsake.

Earth-Friendly Paper

- Off-White/Cream colored Cotton rag paper, perfectly complements the brown leather
- Tree-free and Acid-free means you're purchasing a product that's less harmful to the environment
- 125gsm thickness means it's beautifully soft to write and draw on, use any pen without any ink bleeding through

Better than money back guarantee - We're so convinced that you'll love our gorgeous journal, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee even if you've used it- if you're not 100% satisfied we'll refund you, no questions asked

If you are looking for an artisan journal with a touch of the past that will make a great travel companion and the perfect gift, then order yours today

Customers Reviews

Perfect Rustic Journal

5.0 out of 5.0 by QueenofGnomes on January 3, 2017
This journal is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I was in the market for something that looked rustic or handmade and this was exactly what I wanted! There was a bit of a chalky residue on the leather when I first received it, but a quick once over with a slightly damp paper towel eliminated any trace of the residue. It smells like nice leather and it's the perfect size to carry around or slip into a bag.

Update: I've tested four different pens on the journal page and as well as a regular piece of computer paper for comparison. All of these were written while the pages were sitting on top of another piece of the journal paper. I did my best to use the same amount of pressure for each pen across both paper types. The close-up pictures are all on the journal paper.

Overall, writing on the journal's paper feels like it has more a waxy glide than normal paper. It isn't like actual wax paper or difficult to write on - there is just a better glide with all of the pens.

----- On How the Pens Write -----
The ballpoint pen is what I normally write with on a day-to-day basis. It was just fine on the journal paper, but I do prefer the look of the ink on the computer paper. It glided nicely over the journal page and I didn't have to press hard to get a good ink flow, but it did leave more splits in the ink than on the computer paper.

The Staples' Brand Gel was hands-down the best pen on this paper. The ink looks dark and flowed smoothly, but there was the occasional break in the line. It was a brand new pen so that may account for some of the breaking, but it wasn't annoying enough for me to stray from wanting to write with this one. To be fair: I liked using these on the computer paper as well, but it felt equally as good as writing with it on the journal paper.

The Jetstream pen was the most disappointing. I'm not a huge fan of the ink color from these pens, but I know a lot of people like the way they write so I included them. Somehow these felt like the bad kind of scratchy on the journal pages, but not so much on the computer paper. I know it looks great in the pictures, but there was something missing with it for me. It just kind of looks and writes like a cheap pen on the journal pages.

The fountain pen was a hit or miss depending on your own feelings about the ink. There was a lot of minimal bleeding both away from the line and through to the other side, which can be seen in the close-up and the back pictures. Writing with the fountain pen on this paper felt great tactically; it had that great quill-like scratch without being rough on the paper. I personally am not a fan of how the ink behaves on the paper, so this won't be my main writing tool for this journal.

----- On Bleeding and Ghosting -----
This is where the computer paper comparison comes in handy!

You can see on the computer paper that all of the pens have some ghosting, but not any bleed through. In contrast, the first three pens on the journal page have little to no ghosting while the fountain pen has average ghosting and minimal bleeding.

----- Conclusion -----
If you are thinking about buying this - don't hesitate! No one asked me to write this review, I just love this journal so much that I want everyone else to love it, too!

Happy Writing!
The most beautiful product I have ever had the privilege to touch.

5.0 out of 5.0 by AdoraMeow on March 15, 2017
This is seriously THE most beautiful notebook I have ever seen in my life. The leather is undoubtedly real and is so soft to the touch. It has a subtle earthy, leather scent that sets the mood for your journaling or writing time! The wrap around closure string on this notebook gives off really retro vibes. Just looking at the notebook makes me want to write! The pictures don't do it enough justice.
The paper on this journal is of unbelievable quality. They are thick and borderline cloth like, and writing in them makes me feel so inspired. They are a more cream color than straight up white like the pictures show, which I personally prefer because it looks so much more vintage and romantic.
The pages are NOT refillable as they are bound into the spine, but that just makes you treasure every page of the book even more than you already will. However, if you make lots of mistakes when writing and you're a bit of a perfectionist like me, you should write in pencil first before writing everything down in pen.
The leather does stain the pages (and probably your belongings if you shove them all in your bag), so be aware of that. I will probably find a cloth to wrap around this when I travel so I don't stain my bag haha.
This journal was so beautiful that when i first opened it, I couldn't bring myself to write on the paper because my hands kept shaking.
I did buy this on sale at around $23, but even if this goes back to full price I would not hesitate to buy it. It is SO worth the price and is much higher quality than other even more expensive journals that I've seen. It's no wonder why it has a 5 star rating with over 300 reviews.
The size (7x5) is the perfect size to take on your travels or on the go without limiting your soace and creativity. If anything, I would be scared to put this in my suitcase in fear of it getting scratched somehow. >\\< If you like bigger notebooks though, they have a size up!
Because the leather is soft and pliable, the flaps don't get in your way at all when you write.
I admit I was a little hesitant on buying this because of the pages being bound in the book, and because I thought it wasn't very pretty from the pictures, but trust me. Whatever you see on the pictures isn't even a tenth of the beauty you see in person.
The only con I can think of is that now, I will never be able to purchase any other journal because it will never compare to this one. I'll probably end up with a bookshelf of these by the time I retire :3

If I could marry an object, I would marry this notebook.
What a great first journal. I could not have asked for better.

5.0 out of 5.0 by LeAnn on April 19, 2017
I spent a while looking at journals and trying to pour through the different reviews to compare quality, to look to price, and try to find the best one. I am not a journal writer, at least not yet, but I did want to get something that I felt would be worth the cost, would hold up and would be something I would be willing to carry around all the time. I am very pleased with the journal and I am already considering purchasing more in case they suddenly gain popularity and get more expensive or become harder to find. The design is simple but perfect and the paper is wonderfully textured. I hesitated to mar it with my penmanship for several days, but today decided to just jump in. I started writing with a fine tip permanent pen (so the ink is thicker and heavier) and it just barely bled through, I could still easily write on the other side of the page, but switched to a more standard ballpoint at this time. The leather is thick but supple and the cordage long and seems like it would hold up for a long time. I like that the sections are bound separately. I thought that I might dislike how it looked like several journals stitched together instead of as a smooth large block, but it really makes sense and is rather reassuring that it would stay bound if something happened to one section. The more I wax on about how much I love it, the more I think I need to order another one. It is definitely worth the price and I am very well pleased.
The only logo is a very small pressed one in the bottom center back portion of the leather that says "Moonster" and I missed it at first because it blends in so well.
Effortlessly perfect motivational beauty.

5.0 out of 5.0 by Jasmine Galbreath on September 29, 2017
I received my 8” x 6” leather journal one day before the delivery date.
The leather is perfectly distressed with a refreshingly light leather scent.
The paper feels soft beneath the palm and glides along while writing.
I used a TUL fountain pen at first and it wrote well but I switched to a black ink, fine point Sharpie pen. The paper is awesome! I was able to write on both sides of the pages because the ink did not bleed through.
I remember someone saying you can easily refill the pages if you are creative and have patience. I completely agree but since I am in awe of the beauty of this journal, I will need to order more. I love the way the leather feels in my hands and everything about it motivates me to write. I am using this journal to start my first book.
I hope whoever purchases this or is on the receiving end of it, enjoys it as much or more than I have! It’s sooo lovely 😌
Lovely In Every Way

5.0 out of 5.0 by Vanessa Story on October 17, 2017
I have a lot to say. So here it goes.

I definitely enjoy the look and feel of this journal, very soft and supple, wonderful scent & it's truly leather. The oil used smells very nice to me that they use on it. The leather or oil doesn't seem to stain where I lay it so that's wonderful. Although when it arrived I had found a few small pieces of untreated fluff on the tops of my paper when it's closed, because the inside isn't smooth like the outside of it. When I opened the journal I found that they placed a piece of fabric like paper onto the leather so it doesn't stain the first page of paper. Very considerate indeed. It was made in India as said on the label, I'm thinking they mean the whole journal and that includes the paper that is connected to this journal so no it cannot be removed or refilled at all. I bought this in 8"x6" & it lays open flat on its own no problem, as shown in my pictures. The string does not get in the way for me. The page is very thick so I do feel acrylic paints may even work on this paper, as long as you don't paint both sides, because it may seep through each other during the drying process. I plan on keeping the protective paper in this journal that was there when I had opened it, just to keep my paper protected.

5.0 out of 5.0 by Mikey Chinchilla on May 12, 2017
I absolutely love this journal. The strap makes it feel secure and important. It has that rich leather smell. Each page has its own feel because of the paper used, which makes the entries feel even more personal. I bought Uni-ball 207 Retractable Gel Pens to write in this, and it felt effortless. Because of the paper, the ink does not smear easily. The paper does not have lines either, which makes this journal perfect for jotting down dreams or other things where you might want to draw pictures to elaborate. The size is nice too. I ordered the 7" x 5" one. Not too big, but not small either. Again, it feels personal. It really puts you in the writing mood just opening it.
High Quality Workmanship, A Pleasure To Use

5.0 out of 5.0 by P. Thompson on April 13, 2017
I was looking for a journal to use for my writing - keeping track of daily word count, jotting down ideas, maybe even sketching, but I didn't want something mass produced. I wanted something exactly like this journal - made by hand and unique. Really wish I could give this more than 5 stars.

I am amazed at such high quality for so little cost. Even at the full price, this journal is totally worth it. It's more square than rectangular. The leather is so supple and soft to the touch. Despite being thick, it's very easy to write in because the way it's put together makes it flexible. The flaps do not get in the way at all. The leather strip that holds it together will also hold a pen without a problem. The inside feels almost like suede. I love that the paper is made from recycled cotton. My pen glides over it easily. Each paper packet is sewn in. No glue here. It does have what someone else termed an earthy aroma. The only thing that would make it even better is if it could be refilled and if someone really wanted to, they could probably figure out how to do it. As for me, I think I'll just buy a back up in the very near future.

Yes, there's a bit of staining on the first and last page and yes, there's an imperfection or two in the paper but this is handmade so it's not going to be perfect. If you want perfect, go buy something mass produced. I'm betting that no two look alike finish-wise. Mine has wrinkles and scratches and bumps but all that just makes it that much more special to me. This journal will definitely be one of my prized possessions.
Perfect Gift for an Artist

5.0 out of 5.0 by O-L-S on December 24, 2017
This was the perfect Christmas present for my artist son-in-law. He has two young children. I wanted something masculine, rugged, natural. A place where he can record his thoughts and his sketches and have them nicely preserved to pass down to his children. I got the idea from Stefan Zweig's book "The World of Yesterday" written in 1942. He describes it this way "The mysterious moment of transition in which a verse, a melody, emerges out of the invisible, out of the vision and intuition a of a genius, and is graphically fixed in a material form-where else can it so well be examined and observed as in the tortured or trance-born manuscript of the master. I do not know enough about an artist if I have only his finished work before me. And I agree perfectly with Goethe when he says that to understand completely great creations one must have seen them not only in their perfection but have pursued the process of their creation." I typed up the description of the leather and the pages, the materials they are made from and where they originate. I printed this on card stock and tucked it into the journal. I know Jason will fully appreciate how it was made, of what, the recycling and that it was handmade.
Amazing Journal! ❤️📔

5.0 out of 5.0 by MissE on January 12, 2018
I was perusing for something similar to a Moleskine journal but with a more aged and unique look. After stumbling upon this journal, I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for.
I purchased this journal for my teenage son who fills up his sketchbooks fairly quick. He carries his drawing materials with him just about everywhere which means durability is an important feature. This journal looks and feels like it will withstand normal to moderate wear and tear.
The sizing and appearance is just as described. It is large enough to comfortably write or draw in, yet compact enough that it will fit neatly into a backpack, drawstring bag, purse, or any other carryall.
I personalized this for my son with gear embellishments to give it a "steampunk" appearance. I think the weathered leather along with bronze & copper gears do exactly that.
I am very pleased with this purchase and as far as I can tell, this product is worth its price.

5.0 out of 5.0 by Kitty on March 31, 2018
Update: I loved this journal so much I purchased two more and was shocked to find they come in little fabric bags. The first one I purchased did not, it just came in a plastic wrap. Not sure why one came without a fabric bag but oh well. All three are excellent quality and vary in colors. Love them!

Holy Maribor! This journal is so amazing I can't even put it into words, but I shall try. I have NEVER knowingly purchased a leather product before, but I couldn't help myself, I was looking for an antique style journal and this fit the bill. My first concern was that it is real leather... but hey even PU leather is toxic to the environment in its' own way. In my opinion, every product is evil to the environment in some way or another, so after some heavy thinking, I just picked the one I thought was the least(ish) evil. Assuming what the company says is true, this product is made in South Asia, not treated with acid, and the paper is made from cotton. All very good qualities! Paper quality is amazing, and the fact that it's not made from trees gives it an interesting texture! Love it. I love all the imperfections on the cover, but there is one minor imperfections that I hope does not prove to be a problem in the future, as shown in the picture, it seems as though the leather is about to tear a bit. But overall it is an amazing journal! Hope they never stop making it, but just in case, I plan on stocking up on some soon!