Jim Dunlop DVP4 Volume (X) Mini Pedal for Electric Guitars Bundle with 2-Pack of Hosa 5-FT Straight Instrument Cable (1/4in), Blucoil 2-Pack of Pedal Patch Cables, and 4-Pack of Celluloid Guitar Picks



CONTROLS EFFECTS PEDALS WITH PRECISION - The DVP4 Volume (X) is just as smooth as a whistle. It enables you to adjust the rocker tension to match your personal preference.
OFFERS A 2-IN-1 DEVICE - The mini pedal has an AUX output that can be used for expression. Plus, its internal pot (50 kOhm TRIMPOT) lets you set the minimum control value for the expression pedal.
DOESN'T NEED POWER SUPPLY - Say goodbye to long adapter cables and short-lived batteries! The DVP4 Volume (X) runs on phantom power.
COMES WITH NOISE-FREE CABLES - Included in this bundle are two Hosa 5-FT Straight Instrument Cables and 2-pack of Blucoil Pedal Patch Cables. All of these effectively rejects RFI and EMI noises.
INCLUDES - Jim Dunlop DVP4 Volume (X) Mini Pedal for Electric Guitars. 2-Pack of Hosa 5-FT Straight Instrument Cable (1/4in). 2-Pack of Blucoil Right-Angled Patch Cables for Effects Pedals. 4-Pack of Blucoil Thin Celluloid Guitar Picks (Assorted Colors).


Jim Dunlop DVP4 Volume (X) Mini Pedal
Smooth as a whistle, the DVP4 Volume (X) Mini is a compact device that can be used as a tuner or expression pedal for electric guitars. The AUX output combines expression and tuner connectivity. As an expression pedal, you can set the minimum parameter value with the internal pot. Plus, the DVP4 runs on phantom power so no need to buy batteries or power supply.

  • Input: 1x 1/4"
  • Output: 1x 1/4" (out), 1x 1/4" (tuner/expression)
  • Power Options: Passive Unit, does not require power source
  • Dimensions (HxWxL): 2.58 x 3.86 x 10"
  • Weight: 2lbs

    Also Comes With:

    Hosa CPP-105 5-FT Straight Instrument Cables (2-Pack)
    The 5-foot Hosa cable provides an unbalanced mono connection from your audio gear to an unbalanced phone jack. It features dual 1/4" male TS to same connectors with OFC conductors that enhance the signal clarity and effectively reject EMI and RFI.

    Blucoil Right-Angled Pedal Patch Cables (2-Pack)
    These cables interconnect your effects pedals while ensuring efficient and transparent signal transfer. The OFC cables make sure that no EMI and RFI noises are muddling your signals.

    Receive 4 Blucoil Guitar Picks when you avail the DVP4 Volume X Bundle today!