Universal Travel Adapter, International Travel Travel Power Plug USB Ports Kit Work for 150 Counteis-USA to Most of Plug Adapter Type C A G I J L F for UK Japan EU Italy Switzerland



✈ WONPLUG travel adapter is designed for international travel or abroad business trip. The international power adapter is perfect for most high power travel appliances such as travel hair dryers, hair irons, and some other power appliance whose power is up to 2500W. Compact design and international voltage compatibility (AC 100-250V) make the power converter perfect for traveling around the world. The plug Adapter does not converter voltage. Max load: 10A.
✈ One adapter include 6 different plug type: This travel adapter include UK/US/AU/EU/Italy/Switerland six kinds of plug, when you take one adapter, you can go to more than 200 Countries, and do not worry this world travel adapter can not use in Italy and Switzerland countries.
✈ Certifited safety power adapter: This small universal travel adapter passed CE and ROHS certification, each part plug it is standard USA socket to UK/US/AU/EU/Italy/Switzerland, when you go to which country , then you just need to bring which part about the country.
✈ Product tips: Please make sure your device supports 100 to 250V and the power consumption within 2500W when you travel to other countries. And please use within the safe range. Voltage range is 100-250V. Please note this travel power adapter is not a power converter, it is an adapter only.
✈ Guarantee: We individually test all our plugs before shipping. And every order of our universal power adapter with one year warrantly. If you have meet any problem with our travel adapter, you can contact with wonplug freely!


This adapter has US/AUS/EU/UK/Italy/Switzerland 6 type plugs and standard USA socket.
Its very convenient for traveling, business trip and overseas study people to use in more than 200 countries.
The outlook is very elegant, its easy to carry. This adapter will bring you relaxed worldwide trip.
This product is suitable for use with most electronics devices up to 2500W at 250V and 1100W at 110V.
This adapter have 1 USB Charging Ports, enable you to charge your MP3, Laptops, Digital cameras, smart phones, GPS,PDA,PSP digital devices at full speed.

Available countries lists:
Asia: China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korean, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam.etc
Europe: Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria,etc.
America: the United States, Canada, Brazil, Panama, claw to Malawi, Mexico, etc.
Australia: Australia , New Zealand, etc.
The Middle East: Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Jordan, etc.

AC Power: 10A Max, 100-250VAC 50/60Hz
Max Power:1100W at 110VAC, 2500W at 250VAC
USB Output: 5V, 2000 mA
Product Size :46*46*120mm
Material:PC fire retardant material
Weight: 172g

Package list:
1 x Travel Adapter
1 x Manual